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Don't be late! If you can't find the time to stop in you can pay your water bill online through PSN (Link Here) the Village business ID is RT23196

Your Village Board & Employees

Get to Know Your Board

Elected Mayor 2017
Elected Trustee 2017 Overseeing Water Infrastructure Development & Well Project
Appointed Trustee 2018 Special Projects
Board Appointed 2018 Overseeing Maintenance & Infrastructure
Trustee of 14 years Overseeing Sewer systems Maintenance & Improvements
Elected Trustee 2017 Overseeing community Flags & Fanfare as well as assisting in community connection
Trustee Elected 2017 Overseeing Community Interaction & Events

Get to Know Your Village Employees

The Village clerk, Jason is a long time resident and has been Employed since last quarter of 2017
Head of Public Works Please contact Trustee Alex Lobinsky for concerns relating to Public Works and General Maintenance in Capron.
Head of the Water & Sewer Department Contact the Village Clerk or Trustee Steven Bank for issues concerning the water and sewer department.
Public Works and Water & Sewer Maintenance Technician
Treasurer & Village Administration, a long time resident with heavy involvement in all aspects of bettering our community.



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